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Health & Living

  • The AOL Living Tip Sheet

    Make everyday life easier with AOL Living's weekly tips about organizing, decorating, cooking and more.

  • Diet & Fitness Weekly

    Sign up to get the latest diet news and trends, healthy food finds, and the dish on fitness gear in the Diet & Fitness newsletter.

  • Esta que Arde!

    Recibe bi semanalmente en tu e-mail interesantes temas para la comunidad hispana.

  • Black Voices Byte

    The Black Voices newsletter is a one-stop shop for all things hot in urban entertainment, sports, style, beauty and much more.

  • AOL Coaches

    Get expert tips on everything from losing weight, rekindling the romance in your marriage and improving your career with AOL Coaches.

Entertainment & Leisure

  • AOL Travel Newsletter

    Sign up for AOL Travel's free weekly newsletter for all your travel needs. Get the hottest prices for airfares, hotels, vacations, and more delivered right to your inbox. Plus, it's full of travel tips, advice, and stories that are sure to inspire.

  • Moviefone Moviemail

    Love movies? Then you'll want to sign up for Moviemail. Each week, we'll highlight new films opening in theaters and bring local theater listings right to your inbox.

  • AOL Shopping Specials

    Shop-a-holics can get exclusive savings, free shipping offers and more.

  • People & Their Pets

    Be in the know about what's happening in the world of pets with the monthly AOL Pets newsletter.

Reference & Technology

  • AOL Tips

    This weekly newsletter features the best of the AOL service and "must-know" tips, tricks and secrets. Find out more!

  • The Online Insider

    Stay up to date every week on what everyone is looking at on the Web; hot stories, search terms, videos, photos and more.

  • Viral Video Highlights

    Get the latest cool videos shared on the Web delivered to you via e-mail.

  • AOL Beta News

    Want to be one of the first to test out brand-new online technology? Sign up for the AOL Beta newsletter today.

  • Boletin Beta de AOL

    Mantente al tanto de toda la nueva tecnologia de Internet. Subscribete para recibir e-mails del equipo Latino beta.

  • AOL Voice Services News

    Using AOL Call Alert, AOLbyPhone or AOL Voicemail? Get handy tips and the latest updates so you can get the most from your AOL voice service.

Top AOL Features

  1. System Mechanic

    An award-winning utility to help secure, optimize, repair and tune up your system

  2. AOL® Toolbar

    Access AOL tools from your Internet Explorer or Firefox browser

  3. McAfee® VirusScan® Plus - Special edition from AOL

    Download comprehensive protection from a leading name in security

  4. AIM® 7.0

    Everything you love about AIM, and a whole lot more

  5. AOL® Parental Controls

    Help protect your kids with powerful tools to monitor and control their online activity

More Free Downloads

AOL offers many free tools for both PCs and Macs.

Discover AOL provides information about AOL's many products and services, including computer tech support (AOL TechGuru), free software (AOL Desktop 9.7, AOL Desktop for Mac, AIM), Safety and Security tools (McAfee® VirusScan® Plus -- Special edition from AOL) and free services like Video, Radio, Email, Instant Messaging and Parental Controls. Check out AOL A-Z for a full, alphabetical directory of everything on AOL.