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Getting Around

Sometimes, organizing open windows and finding what you need can be frustrating. AOL Desktop's "App Map" button lets you instantly see thumbnails of all your open windows, and switch among them with just one click. Tabs in email, AIM and the browser provide sophisticated but simple navigation, helping keep clutter to a minimum.

A Better Browser

As soon as you open AOL Desktop, the browser is ready to go -- without signing in. Tabs let you keep several sites all open at once, and easy access to Search is always on the top of your screen.

Built-In AIM

AOL Desktop helps you stay connected to the people you care about. AIM® is built-in -- so you can see which of your buddies are online and instantly chat, share pictures and more. Don't want to be interrupted by IMs? Make yourself invisible so others won't know you're online.

Streamlined Email

Tabs in the mail window help organize the messages you're writing and reading, no matter how many you have open. And you can read, send and receive messages from multiple email accounts -- even non-AOL services such as Gmail?, Verizon® and more -- within the same window.

Custom Toolbar

It's your toolbar, so arrange it the way you want! AOL Desktop's toolbar is completely customizable, putting your favorite sites right at your fingertips. Quick Access Panels provide an at-a-glance peek at the latest headlines from AOL and other sites, just by hovering your mouse over the icon -- no click necessary.

More Personalization

New to AOL Desktop Version 10.1 are additional personalization tools that let you customize your online experience. Change Desktop's background image or colors, or even set up a slideshow using your favorite photos.

Windows 7 Compatible

System Requirements

Looking for the latest version of AOL Desktop?

Click here for more information and to download the latest version of AOL Desktop 9.7 for free.

Using a Mac?

AOL has new software that makes it easy to use email, AIM and browse the Web in one convenient place.Try AOL® Desktop for Mac -- built for Mac users, by Mac users.

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