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AOL® Desktop for Mac 1.7

AOL Desktop for Mac continues to provide the best all-in-one Internet experience on the Mac, with improved email, Web browsing, toolbar and a new version of IM.

AOL Desktop for Mac has the same great AIM you'll find in our standalone AIM for Mac. This is the real AIM, not just an AIM-compatible IM client, so file transfers are fast and efficient. Send files, folders and pictures to all your Buddies.

Help make using the Internet safer for your family with the addition of AOL Parental Controls Assistant, built right into AOL Desktop for Mac. It's a quick and simple way to add Mac OS X user accounts with all the correct features and applications turned on.

Your Mac makes your life easy. Make it even easier with the new AOL Desktop for Mac.

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AIM(<sup>TM</sup>) Instant Messaging
AIM® for Mac®

Group and one-to-one chat, instant media previews, social notifications and more - all in a clean, powerful application for Mac. AIM gives you:

• Fun, easy group chat
• Instant display of videos, images and tweets
• Social updates from AIM, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, AOL Mail and Gmail

You can also connect your Facebook chat and Google Talk accounts to talk to friends on those services. Wherever you go, AIM is the best way to talk to friends, family and all the people that matter to you most.

Requires Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) or later

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Free AOL Apps for iPhone & iPod touch

Some of AOL's most popular and powerful free programs work with the iPhone and iPod touch, bringing the best of AOL with you wherever you go. Find out more about using AIM, Search, Mail and more on your iPhone.

AOL iPhone Applications

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AOL® Connect

Access AOL and use only the companion products you want, such as Mail, Safari, and iChat® programs.

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AOL® Service Assistant

Easy set-up software that enables Mac OS X's Mail, iChat, Address Book, and Safari to work with the AOL service.

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AOL® Toolbar for Firefox®

Access the best of directly from your Mozilla® Firefox® browser

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Discover AOL provides information about AOL's many products and services, including computer tech support (AOL TechGuru), free software (AOL Desktop 9.7, AOL Desktop for Mac, AIM), Safety and Security tools (McAfee® VirusScan® Plus -- Special edition from AOL) and free services like Video, Radio, Email, Instant Messaging and Parental Controls. Check out AOL A-Z for a full, alphabetical directory of everything on AOL.