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MyReputationDiscovery helps you control your online identity, providing a solution to harmful information published about you on the Web. You can’t manage your online identity unless you know what others can see about you.

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Protect your privacy

MyPrivacy tracks and wipes your personal information off the web; stops companies from tracking you online; gives you persistent social networking privacy and even stops up to 80% of unwanted direct mail!

$9.99 per month
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Discover AOL provides information about AOL's many products and services, including computer tech support (AOL TechGuru), free software (AOL Desktop 9.7, AOL Desktop for Mac, AIM), Safety and Security tools (McAfee® VirusScan® Plus -- Special edition from AOL) and free services like Video, Radio, Email, Instant Messaging and Parental Controls. Check out AOL A-Z for a full, alphabetical directory of everything on AOL.